Past President's Message

November 2020

Let me start off my final message by commending Canada's heart failure (HF) care teams and patients for their resiliency during the COVID pandemic. I wish you safety and health for yourself and your families and particularly for those who continue to work on the front lines. Our HF community has adapted in many ways over the last seven months including use of remote and telemonitoring visits, modifications in treatment algorithms and changes in workflow. I would like to acknowledge and recognize the CHFS for their work to support its members and the HF community in their participation in the Canadian Cardiovascular Society’s (CCS) rapid response team (RRT) efforts and the following documents and presentations:

  1. Optimizing Access to Heart Failure Care in Canada During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. COVID-19 Tackling HF Care Webinar
  3. CCS/CHFS Statement on COVID-19 and Concerns Regarding use of ACEi/ARB/ARNi Medications for Heart Failure or Hypertension


  • CHFS membership continues to be free for trainees. We encourage you to keep an eye out for calls for committee involvement during the year. Do not miss our competition at HF Update. 
  • For our nursing members, joint membership with CCCN passes on savings when joining both organizations. In addition, CHFS now has a Nursing and Allied Health Council (NAHC) and we encourage our allied health team members and nursing members to engage with our organization in this manner. 
  • I am extremely proud to announce that CHFS has put a call out for the first Patient Representative to serve on the CHFS Board. I look forward to the announcement of the successful candidate. 
  • This years CHFS Annual Achievement Award will be received by an exceptional nursing leader. I am pleased to announce the recipient is Estrellita Estrella Holder in honor of her contributions and leadership in the Canadian HF community.


  • We are pleased to have added a French website to our online repertoire.  Visit us at as we expand our French language tools.
  • The CHFS HF Order Set is now available on our website. It is available for free to download for your local use and reference.
  • The CHFS Patient Diary is also available for free download. This initiative was also supported by HeartLife Foundation and the Global Heart Hub patient partner groups.
  • The CHFS practical approach to SGLT2 inhibitors for treatment of cardiovascular disease prescribing tool is available on our website. It has been a hit on social media, and we hope that you will share it widely. 
  • Other online resources include ATTR content and videos from national key opinion leaders.


The 7th annual HF Update rapidly pivoted to a virtual event in April 2020.  Gratitude to my Co- Chairs (Dr. Jonathan Howlett and Dr. Serge Lepage), Planning Committee members and Faculty for their dedication and commitment to this event. It was a resounding success with over 1300 global attendees and over 900 Canadians participating.  We once again welcomed the HFSA to a joint session and premiered a JACC-HF plenary session (featuring editors Dr. Chris O’Connor and Dr. Mona Fiuzat) which was also a resounding success. 


Stay tuned for more updates on HF Update 2021. Click here to get notified when registration opens.


HFSA joint session featuring President Biykem Bozkurt, Dr. Kavita Sharma, Dr. Flora Sam, and Dr. Eileen O’Meara and Dr. Lisa Mielniczuk.


A highlight for us at CCC this year is our Moonshot for Heart Failure Accredited Symposia.  We are honored to have Dr. Clyde Yancy and Dr. Subodh Verma joining us.  

The CHFS Spotlight Session took place on Saturday October 24, 2020 where we presented the CCS CHFS Clinical Practice Update premiere featuring heart failure phenotypes and personalized approaches to heart failure therapy.


  • Over the last year we completed our CHFS Forum campaign designed to increase awareness of HF, healthcare utilizations and need to improved access to HF therapies and care teams specifically targeting an audience of health care leaders and administrators. We traveled across the country with this campaign which also featured Andre Picard as our keynote speaker.
  • Concurrent with HF Update Virtual 2020 we supported a HeartLife patient education session, and 200 patients, caregivers and HCPs attended this 4-hour session.
  • The second annual National Heart Failure Awareness Week campaign was virtual this year May 4th – 10th. In addition to last year's partners (CCS, HeartLife Foundation, CCCN, Heart and Stroke, SQIC) we were happy to add an additional partner, The Canadian Association of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation (CACPR).  The week included 3 webinars for both HCP’s and those living withing with heart failure.  #HeartFailureWeekCan resulted in 1.385 million impressions and we look forward to expanding our reach next year.  We will continue outreach and provision of our campaign digital tools by the end of 2020.


The CHFS/CCTN Annual Research Competition award continued this year as past of CCC 2020 Virtual. The four finalists are: Drs. Sanaz Hatami, Natasha Aleksova, Ida Derish and Hassan Mir. Our grand prize winner and runners up will be announced at the CHFS AGM on November 3, 2020. 

It has been an honor and privilege to serve the Canadian Heart Failure Society as its President over the last two years. I am also pleased to announce that your incoming President as of November 2020 will be Dr. Anique Ducharme.  Working together with the Board, Executive and Membership, Dr. Ducharme will continue to develop the CHFS of the future.  It is a challenging time for all, but it is an exciting time to be a CHFS member. CHFS values your membership and we look forward to the further growth of our organization. Contact us at or via our website or to get involved. Please do your part to stay safe and stay healthy.

With respect and kind regards, 

Shelley Zieroth
Past President, Canadian Heart Failure Society