The Canadian Heart Failure Society (CHFS) is poised to create and provide high quality continuing medical education and professional development based on best practices for the prevention and treatment of cardiomyopathies. 


As the national voice for Canadian heart failure specialists, the CHFS is frequently approached with requests from various organizations and/or individuals for endorsement.

Endorsement is defined as “the expression of approval of the general scope and objectives, the content, and the process of planning and preparing of a program/project/initiative”. Endorsement of publications/knowledge translation is another form of request. It is preferred that the CHFS be consulted at the outset of the publication/knowledge translation development process so that the CHFS may appoint members on the writing committee. It is desirable that the authorship of the document consists of 50% CHFS members. 

Application Procedures

Requests for endorsement can be submitted directly to a member of the Executive Committee or via email to All such requests must support the mission of the CHFS and the program/content/initiative must be free of commercial bias.

A detailed description of the proposal must be submitted in writing and must provide the following:

  1. name of the initiative; 
  2. name(s) of the person(s) and the organization/institution responsible for the development; 
  3. mandate and/or objectives;
  4. how it supports the CHFS mission;
  5. how it benefits the CHFS membership;
  6. specific details regarding the proposal content i.e. how it will be conducted, who will be involved in the program, proposed release date/launch/distribution; 
  7. information regarding timing, location, and intended audience; and 
  8. disclosure of all other entities involved in the planning and/or funding of the program/project.