CHFS Admission Order Set

The CHFS is pleased to announce the release of the CHFS Heart Failure Admission Order Set for our hospital-based colleagues to implement in their hospitals. This resource encompasses the latest Canadian guidelines, evidence, and recommended therapies. 

Consistent use of a heart failure admission order set helps support optimal outcomes for heart failure patients, reduce length of stay and rehospitalization rates, and facilitate the coordination of patient care between different healthcare providers. 

Click here to read a letter from the CHFS. 
Click here for more information about heart failure in Canada and the order set.

The 3-page order set can be adjusted to meet the specific needs and protocols of your institution, while ensuring your patients receive the latest evidence-based treatment options available. We have included two pages of appendices with useful resources and references. 

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The CHFS Order Set has been exclusively developed by the Canadian Heart Failure Society, which receives supports from commercial partners for educational activities, such as Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada for this initiative.