CHFS Admission Order Set

The Canadian Heart Failure Society has partnered with Think Research to launch a national CHFS Heart Failure Order Set. This document has been created to ensure hospital-based health care practitioners across Canada have the latest evidence and recommended therapies available to manage heart failure admissions. We recommend the use of this order set in every hospital that admits patients with acute decompensated heart failure.

Implementing the new CHFS Heart Failure Order Set will help ensure your patients receive the latest evidence-based treatment options available to them.

We hope you will join our concerted efforts to make this tool available to all healthcare providers treating heart failure in your hospital. Doing so will have a significant impact in:

  • Improving patient outcomes and reducing re-hospitalization rates
  • Supporting the coordination of patient care between different healthcare providers
  • Reducing healthcare and institutional costs

Click here for more information about this initiative.

Click below to download the new CHFS Heart Failure Admission Order Set.

The CHFS Order Set has been exclusively developed by the Canadian Heart Failure Society, which receives supports from commercial partners for educational activities, such as Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada for this initiative.